The making of Karshan

This was a pre ordered work. Karshan is a colleague from the days in frog design, he is a very talented digital media designer. He created his own avatar and wanted to bring it to life. He gave me a very detailed list of instructions. Every thing down to the model name of  the jeans and the number of the wash color.

I have printed Karshan avatar in real size and created the skeleton by it.

I fixed the the skeleton to a base and started sculpturing the body. I wanted to make Karshan flexible, to be able to control his positions. Therefor I did the fixed parts with polymer clay and the joints with sponge, gloing it around the joints and cutting it to fit.

I tried something new here, I smeared liquid Latex on the joints. I thought it will make it more durable but still keep it’s ability to move. It didn’t really work so don’t try it. An important thing is to pay attention to the parts that are not covered with cloths.

Then I colored the body and the shoes(Prada sneakers), Folowing the grafic avatar,the photos and the instructions.

Something I like doing a lot, is to color the cloths with acrylic color and a brush. It gives the dolls an illustrated look and I get exactly what I want  without an endless search of cloths. It is very tricky to find the write cloths, the dolls are small and it is hard to find a cloth that would feet both in thickness and in pattern size.   In this case I had to make a specific jeans with a specific wash color so I found a cloth that is it the write texture and thickens and colored it to the write color.

I sewed (or glued) the clothes, said my goodbyes and sent him away to his new life…

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