How to clone yourself in polymer clay
Sculpture Illustration Tutorial 1

An illustrated self portrait in Polymer clay and fabrics

Well actually I don’t look exactly like that. But close enough. When I’ll feel more comfortable with you guys, I’ll add a picture of myself, so you could be the judge.

So the picture above, is the actual art work I created. I’ll try in the following lines and images to describe how I work and how I ended up with this image.

Now you might be used to great, organized, structured tutorials on the web – sorry… that’s really not me. So if you can bare with me, let’s start -

Basic Materials

These are the materials for the skeleton. Metal wire, aluminum foil and some reference for human anatomy (actually I didn’t use this book, but it does look impressive – doesn’t it?).

Sculpting tools for polymer clay

These are my tools. The left most one, called “sculpting finger” is the best.

Polymer clay materials

Actually for most of the sculpture I used Super Sculpey. Still I had to share with you my beautiful box full of colors. You’ll get a glimpse of the boring Super Sculpey box later on. I’m using – Fimo, Kato, Sculpey and some others.

Skeleton for sculpture with polymer clay torso and feet

The base of the skeleton is metal wire. I’ll show in a bit more detail the technique in another tutorial, not that impressive – you can look it up all over the internet, just write armature in google. I covered the wire with aluminum foil to get some volume. It’s important that all materials could stand the heat. And then I created the parts that are going to be visible through the cloths.

Polymer clay head base for sculpture

I created a ball for the head and sliced it in two, in order to be able to place it on the table to work on the details. Later I’ll bind it back together. You can see the beginning of the sculpture, some cavities for the eyes, some added materials for the nose and lips.

The work desk

Nothing to say.

Face of illustrated sculpted polymer clay me

You can see how the face develops after I add teeth and eyebrows.

Hair for polymer clay illustrated sculpted head

You can see how I connected the back part of the head and started adding the hair.

Eyelashes for polymer clay illustrated sculpture head

Using crumbles of polymer clay to gently create eyelashes

Metal frame glasses for polymer clay illustrated sculpture head

Creating my glasses, a very significant item in my look, from copper foil. I cut the shape first in paper, then glue the paper to the copper foil and cut.

Colored Metal frame glasses for polymer clay illustrated sculpture head

Bending the sides of the glasses, I fit them to the head. Testing the painting options for black – marker and acrylic colors. The matte feel of the acrylic paint won.

Minime polymer clay illustrated sculpture head

Connecting the head to the body. In the picture you can see I also connected the Allstar shoes – I’ll explain how I created them in a different post. At this point I baked the polymer clay. (I just added the new tutorial, please take a look)

Shirt for polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

Starting to create my black outfit – freestyle.

Pants for polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

Creating two parts of the pants.

Adding waist on polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

After testing the pants I realized there was not enough volume in the waist area. And it looked like I’m too skinny.  I filled up a bit with a thick fabric. Since I didn’t have the option to do an over-lock stitch – I glued with superglue the edges of the cloth. I wasn’t a good idea. It made the pants a bit rigid, but at least it held everything together.

Pose for polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

After dressing illustrated minime with pants and shirt, I sewed the pants manually in a very rough way, trying to get a better fit. No-one is supposed to see the back side.

Coloring polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

I realized that the aluminum foil was showing a bit under the pants and so I colored it with black acrylic paint.

makeup polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

Makeup – A very fun part, sometimes I do it only in photoshop but actually it’s more fun to do it with actual acrylic colors.

Photoshop changes for polymer clay illustrated sculpture minime

To get the final image I combined these two pictures, I wanted the front view (on left) of the face and the side view of the body (right picture). You can see the result at the top of the post.

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6 Responses to “How to clone yourself in polymer clay
Sculpture Illustration Tutorial 1”

  1. Maria Senkel says:

    I really love your polymer sculptures. You work well clay. I noticed that you used actual fabric for the clothing instead of already black polymer clay. I think it works great. Gorgeous!

  2. Olivia says:

    I really admire your illustrations. I wanted to ask you what do you do with them in photoshop because they have a really illustration quality instead of a more photo-realistic kind of quality. All the 3D illustrations that I’ve done look clearly as a photography and I’m afraid that that wont work for illustrating a t-shirt or a poster for example.

  3. Emi, this is great! Thanks for sharing, it makes me want to go out and clone myself too!

  4. Great information here. Thanks for sharing again!

  5. vector boy says:

    Awesome :) . Great tehniques!!!

  6. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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